I’m an underdog. I will always be an underdog and navigate through life with an underdogs mentality. I am motivated to overcome and achieve so that I can inspire other underdogs to not live down to expectations that others who do not see what we underdogs can achieve. I am a firm believer that greatness begins internally before it bears fruit externally. My job is to create the internal belief of greatness in the underdogs God has placed in my life. Underdogs like Eric Garcia.

I started to work with Eric at the conclusion of his freshman year in high school. When I began working with him I saw and treated him for what he could be and wanted to be and not what he was at the time.

Eric’s hearts desire was to be a division one college basketball player. Eric didn’t pass the eye test. He was about 5’8 and weighed less than 140 pounds. As a result the “experts” assumed his ceiling was division 2 at best. I was told to never allow others to label you, because if they label you the will limit what you can become. Fortunately for Eric, neither he or myself accepted the labels others placed on him.

What Eric lacked externally, he more than made up for internally. He was a tireless worker and he developed a brick wall faith in me and in the process ( if I told Eric to run head first into a brick wall he’d do it with no hesitation).

Slowly but surely Eric continued to shed he labels that others tried to place on him. It wasn’t easy. It was physically, emotionally and spiritually draining on him. The most difficult time was at the conclusion of Eric’s junior year he had a really good year, but was snubbed for the Colorado all star high school game which features the states top players. The game is televised regionally and played at the Pepsi Center which is the home of the NBA’s Denver Nuggets.

Both Eric and I assumed he was a shoe in for the game as he had dominated many of the other guards who were selected. Eric still could not shake the fact that he did not pass the eye test. The night Eric found out he didn’t make the all star game he texted me to meet him at the gym. He walked in with tears in his eyes and said  “I didn’t make the all star game, so I must not be good enough so we have work to do.”

And work we did! Eric went on to have an even better senior year. Those that once laughed at his D1 dreams and labeled him a D2 player begin to see him for who he had developed into and realized he was a D1 player.

Currently, Eric and I are still on the grind preparing him for his senior year at Wofford. Eric has been the starting point guard since his freshman year. He has led Wofford to back to back Southern Conference regular season titles, back to back Southern Conference tournament titles and back to back NCAA tournament berths during his freshman and sophomore years.

Just as in Eric’s case my pledge to all those I work with is to see you and treat you for who you will be,  and not rest until you become that person.

I believe we were all created to fulfill a purpose. My purpose is to use my God given talent and experiences in basketball to empower and inspire underdogs to overcome in basketball and in life.

I have made cultivating my basketball development talent a priority in order to be prepared to assist the next underdog to climb to the top. If that’s you please contact me today so we can embark on this amazing journey.Here’s to the underdogs!

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