When driving around I am always intrigued by the "We Buy Ugly Houses" billboards.

The company purchases the homes that nobody wants; they see the value that nobody else sees. They believe they have the resources to take an eyesore and transform it into a property of value. They advertise that they will buy a house as is no matter how bad the condition. “We buy ugly homes as is - no repairs, no cleaning, no painting” is their mantra. 

I’m sure this message provides hope to many homeowners who before seeing the “We Buy Ugly Homes” ad felt helpless. They assumed that their home had no value and no one would ever purchase it. I’m sure many of them did not even see value in their home themselves. 

I can resonate with the “We Buy Ugly Homes” ads because, before I really knew who God was I felt like I was too ugly, too dirty, too sinful to be of value to God and others. I’m so fortunate that God has an infinite advertising budget, and just as I see “We Buy Ugly Homes” ads everywhere God continued to advertise to me that He buys ugly people, dirty people, and sinful people.

I’m sure many people that see the Ugly Homes ads are skeptical at first, and I’m sure they dig deeper and do their research to conclude if their ugly home indeed does have value. I’m not sure what they found out, but I was just as skeptical with God, but as I did my research I found out that He already bought me, despite being ugly, dirty and sinful. He looked past all of that and saw excellent value in what I would be with His repairs, He knew that He could turn my dirt into my destiny, and all I had to do was commit to Him.

Now that I have accepted God’s offer to purchase me, I am currently a walking advertisement spreading God’s message that He has already purchased ugly people, dirty people, sinful people that feel they have no value and feel too dirty to reach their destiny. 

If He could clean me up, He will do the same for you as well. After all, He's already paid for you!