There’s a difference between God’s vision and your dreams. Your dreams can be about you and you alone, but the visions that God places in your mind and in your heart are soooooooo much bigger than you. I say God places visions in your heart because you can feel a God placed vision in your heart and soul. That’s what allows us to move forward with conviction into the destiny God has for us, even during the most adverse of times when we don’t see success. During those times it’s God’s vision that we can feel when we can’t see it that drives us towards our destiny.

It is important that as we pursue our God placed visions that we never lose sight of Him and His purpose for having us pursue what we are pursuing. When we lose sight of the why we will lose our focus and our confidence. We will become stressed and will not enjoy the journey along the way.

God would never give us a vision without the resources and abilities needed to fulfill the vision, however, we must also know that God’s visions are far too large to be carried out through our own power, we can only fulfill them through His power. We must operate under the notion, that the bigger the vision, the closer we have to be connected to Him, the more frequent a part need to be in His presence and the more urgently we need to seek Him.

As for me personally, I have felt for more than 6 months that God wanted me to leave my job. This was tough because there were many aspects of my job that were unpleasant, but other aspects of my job were basically my unicorn job. Working with Chauncey Billups at this state of the art sports facility equipped with an NBA court with floor to ceiling windows that looked out to the Rocky Mountains. I was able to work with Spalding at the NBA All-Star game, hosting camps with NBA stars Chris Paul, DeMar Derozan and Chauncey, and staring in Spalding interactive training videos! Of all the blessings that I enjoyed working there, by far the best was being mentored and developed as a basketball educator by Chauncey!

As great as those things were, I knew that a change had to be made. I felt I was living out my dreams, while these dreams were wondrous I knew I was not carrying out God’s visions for my life, talents, and career. I wanted to carry them out, but there was no way I could fulfill the expectations the powers that be had for me and carry out God’s visions as well. (Chauncey Billups is not apart of the powers that be and has always supported my commitment to my faith.)

God gave me talent, a platform, and resources to help others first, not to make as much money as I can and then if I have time left over help others. I know that making money and professional advancement will take care of itself (it always has). I also know God is so amazing that through Him I can have my cake and eat it too. What I mean by that is it’s been my experiences that if I stay convicted to God’s visions that I also get to live out and experience God’s visions as well, and His smallest vision for my life is bigger than my biggest dreams.

There come moments in our journey where God places a fork in the road and we have to decide if we are going to settle for living out our small, selfish and shallow dreams or, are we going to navigate with bold conviction to relentlessly pursue God’s vision for us. His vision will allow us to not only experience many incredible blessings, but will also enable us to leave a lasting legacy for God and through God that will still have an impact long after we depart Earth… you only live once, but legacies last forever.

I’d love to sit up here and act as I have always made the boldly convicted decision to follow God’s vision when faced with fork’s in the road, but I’d be lying. Often times, as in the case with this job I chose the wrong direction and when I did God dropped a roadblock and forced me to navigate on the road He ordained for me to travel on. As we reflect back we frequently thank God for the doors that God had opened for us, but we also should take time and thank Him for the doors He slammed shut as well.