I've reached a sweet spot in my faith walk where I am finally secure enough to handle God revealing what I lack.  This is such a cool place to be; I believe there's so much good that comes from being aware of your weaknesses, allowing God to reveal them and allowing others to share your weaknesses with you. 

This breaks your pride and ego down, and you become much more humble. Also, you are more patient and understanding with others. You also believe in yourself more (through God of course) as well as in others. When you are too insecure to acknowledge what you lack, I feel that's rooted from assuming you are not equipped to succeed. 

As God reveals your weaknesses to you, you'll find out that you will still be a victor, in fact, I succeed more when I am aware of what I lack. I, like many others, am well aware of what I do good, but sometimes I am not conscious of my deficient areas. God loves me so much that He will and expose my weaknesses. When I was immature in my faith, it'd hurt my feelings to realize. 

As I continue to mature I understand God does this out of love, the devil wants us to assume our crap doesn't stink and that while we love God, that we are equipped to overcome adversity and sustain success on our own.

When we realize all we lack we realize we need help, we realize we are in over our heads; we realize our problem is too big for us to handle, we realize that we are not capable of handling our promotion at work, or not allowing our social media popularity to go to our heads. Which points us right up to God with urgency. It's one thing to love God, but when you wake up with a conviction that you need Him you will overcome any mountain that's in your way, and you will humbly receive the blessings God provides you.

These days my prayers are like this: "God, I need you. Please don't leave me or forsake me; You promised you wouldn't. I can't handle this God; I will screw it up, I will misuse Your blessings. I beg you not to let me step ahead of you for one second. Lord you know what's best You are in control, and I trust You."

Lord, I'm smart enough to know that I'm dumb (compared to You). I have Someone in my life that loves me more than I love myself, believes in me more than I believe in myself. This Person made a promise to me; His promise was He would never leave me or forsake me. This Person has never made a mistake, and He's the creator of all! How stupid would I be to try and navigate through life and not allow Him to be a part of my journey, but lead my journey? With that being said Lord, You are in charge. Run the show and tell me where to go!